Out of all the charities we support, The Bonnyville Hospital Foundation is one of the most important and close to the heart. Each year Thinkwerx donates a vacation trip to the Bonnyville Hospital Gala which gets auctioned off at a live event every February. The Bonnyville Hospital Gala is by far the Lakeland’s premier fundraising event, complete with black ties and beautiful gowns! In previous years Thinkwerx has donated a trip to Hawaii, a trip to Chicago to see a two Cubs games, and a trip on a Kelowna wine tour! All-in-all, our donations have surpassed $10,000 and counting… and all of our vacations fetched over $20,000 in live auction proceeds! We’re truly blessed to live in such a giving community. Thinkwerx takes this opportunity each year to enjoy a night out with the staff, getting tipsy and tossing money around for a great cause! And the organizer’s know how to throw one helluva party! 🙂

What is The Bonnyville Hospital Gala?

Every year The Bonnyville Hospital Foundation selects a piece of equipment to purchase or a department where the funds will be invested to provide better case, training or facilities. In 2015 the Gala raised over $200,000 in a single night, all from crowd donations and silent & live auction items. In 2016, The Bonnyville Hospital Gala raised over $150,000 which was extremely impressive considering the slower economic times due to low energy prices. But, even in the face of diversity, our Lakeland community comes together to dig deep for an extremely important cause, and that’s what makes Bonnyville & Cold Lake such a great place to live! If you’ve never attended the event, we highly recommend you attend! See you next year! 😉

Here are some highlights of The 2016 Bonnyville Hospital Gala > Read the full story here.