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Halloween Art Contest

Thinkwerx is known for its superb Halloween tees and although we are no longer at our Main Street location to hand these out to the herds of trick or treaters there, we are happy to announce that we will be partnering with the new tenants to bring some original Halloween tees your way Lakelanders! Attention Lakeland Youth!! Please submit your illustration(s) for the chance to have it printed on NEW Halloween tees; to be handed out to kids who come trick or treating on October 31st to the Hive Youth Hub!


  • Each participant may submit one or more illustrations on the theme: Halloween
  • Submissions may be created with any software/media
  • Content must be appropriate for ages 0-13 (trick or treater age)
  • You can submit illustrations of any size, but we recommend A4 size entries at 300 dpi (2480 x 3508 pixels)
  • Must be under 21 to enter a design
  • Must be submitted by October 7th (voting will run from October 8th – 14th)

By submitting your design you agree to the following: submission may be altered/revised for screen printing, submission is original and you own the copyright, you give Thinkwerx in Bonnyville, Alberta the right to reproduce/alter the design as necessary for production and distribution.

If an entry does not meet all of the following conditions, does not match the contest theme, or if Thinkwerx + The Hive Youth Hub otherwise judges it inappropriate, will not be considered. Applicants who do not meet the following conditions will not be individually notified. When applying to enter the contest, please keep in mind that your entry will be viewed by a diverse set of people of different nationalities, cultures, and ages.

  • Entries must not discriminate against mental or economical disadvantages, and must not include defamatory elements or profanity.
  • Works must not violate individual privacy.
  • The entry must not depict nudity or sexual content.
  • Entries must not depict child prostitution, pornography, or abuse.
  • Entries that disrespect anyone’s freedom of religion, politics, belief, occupation, sex, etc.
  • Entries that are in breach of the law, public order, or morality.
    Entries that are fanart, or depict real people, or existing characters, products, or brands.
  • Entries that include any tracing or copying from illustrations, photos, videos, etc. that were not created by the contestant.
  • Illustrations created exclusively through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Entries that contain socially offensive content.
  • Entries must fit the contest purpose.


Winner will receive a screen printed hoodie and some superb TWX swag, not to mention their design out into the community on youth tees handed out to the trick or treaters who visit the Hive on Halloween 2022!

Contest winners will be announced on Thinkwerx + The Hive Youth Hub social media. All personal information sent with your submission will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    If you are having any issues uploading your design, please send to with the header “HALLOWEEN ART CONTEST SUBMISSION”