When we do our daily operations we rarely think of the praise we’re going to get at the end of the day. We’re not looking for a pat on the back for a job well done, or to hear the sound of a slow capping crescendo when we complete your order. And so, it was without any expectation that myself, Kelso, and my wife Ashley attended the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards night with a group of friends from the Lakeland Credit Union. As we enjoyed ourselves over a great meal and cocktails, we noticed our company logo appearing on the list of nominees for Outstanding Large Business of the Year. Now, I wasn’t overly surprised to see it up there because earlier in the month the Chamber of Commerce had asked me to prepare a short bio & description about Thinkwerx, which I later submitted, not thinking anything would come of it. Well, you can guess where this story is heading…

Outstanding Business of the Year

During mid-conversation with the party at our table we were reluctantly to hear our business name being called from the stage the first time the presenter spoke. It was with complete shock that I realized Thinkwerx had won the tremendous achievement for Outstanding Large Business of the Year! I hopped out of my seat and skipped up the stairs on-stage to claim my fame! And, as any good leader would do, I thanked the crowd for this amazing recognition and admitted that without my entire team of hardworking, loyal employees I wouldn’t be accepting this award. In fact, I went on to say that “I’m only the man with the ideas, but it’s everyone else at Thinkwerx, all of the talented staff members and amazing customers that turn those daydreams into reality. I’m thankful for my entire team and all of our loyal fans! Thank you.” With that said, we never set out looking for praise or recognition. We’re simply grateful for all the people that enjoy our work, work which we love doing!

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