Bust a Move Edmonton, Let’s see you bust those moves for Breast Health in a six hour fitness extravaganza aimed at raising valuable funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation in support of breast cancer research at the Cross Cancer Institute. Thinkwerx entered a special team named “Do You Even Lift Bra?” and we vowed to bust our butts exercising for six energizing hours – from yoga to kick boxing! It was an unbelievable experience to see so many dedicated Edmontonians come together to raise money to help fight cancer. We sweat our stuff, side-by-side with cancer survivors, and with families who lost loved ones to this life changing battle.

Thinkwerx was proud to be amongst the Top 10 fundraising teams in Edmonton, raising over $10,000 in donations from our little team of go-getters! Look down right now… (Nope, not that far!) That’s right— your ladies, your tatas, your bossoms and your bazungas! We’re here to make sure they get the very breast attention and health they deserve! If you want to experience some of the best pain you’ve even felt in your life, try Bustin’ A Move at the next #BAMYeg event! It’s worth all the aches and pains, and every dollar counts!

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