Do you offer logo design?


We have a variety of packages from just getting started (needing a solid foundation to build on as you grow) to a more comprehensive brand (for redesigns and expansions for typically larger companies needing a full visual identity). Our logo design starts at $500 and feel free to email for more information and custom quote based off what you are looking for!

Your logo encompasses your brand, it should speak to your clients/customers whilst reflecting the values of your company. A well designed logo should stand the test of time and through our brand research process those unique attributes of your business: your mission, capabilities, ideal clients, current reputation, will lead us where you want to take your brands visuals.


We will not rip that logo you found online and replace the name with your own… that is plagiarism and it has no place here. All our logo designs are 100% original and we won’t skirt the line of copyright infringement, so don’t ask!