My name is Kelso. Although I’m not the centre of the universe, at work I often act like I am… because let’s face it, I own the place! But, all joking aside, I’m known as the idea guy. I’ve got a knack for sizing up situations and gaining a deep understand of relationships whether or not it’s obvious to others. I rely heavily on my team, and I appreciate each of them for different reasons. I hand picked every one of them to join Thinkwerx, not as an employee but as an equal counterpart. Without an incredible team at my side, I’d be another ‘wanna be’ entrepreneur with ‘big talk’, yet ‘no walk’. So, the cat’s out of the bag now; I can’t even execute my own ideas. How belittling! 🙁 But, the truth is, some people are programmed to be well-organized, and others are built to see a task at had and execute it. —That’s not me. I’m better described as a daydreamer or time-wanderer. I must admit neither of those terms seem very complimentary or flattering, however, in all fairness I shouldn’t sell myself short, not yet anyway! Being the visionary and the leader comes with great responsibility. I’m well aware that my continuous wandering around the office can make people think, ‘What the f*ck does he do here all day?” My reply would be; “I do more than you dream of!‘ In fact the work I do is crucially important to the creation of jobs at Thinkwerx. Even though I make it look pretty easy, building a relentless vision is harder than it looks! Go ahead, indulge me for a minute…


Try mentally stepping into the shoes of the visionary for a minute. Everyone is relying on YOU to come up with at the big ideas that will impact the way we work, and hopefully improve our lives. Now, imagine you’ve found that perfect idea! Your next step is to convey your master plan to your team and you need them to buy-into it, otherwise without their help and support the idea will fall by the wayside. I assume everyone is just going to jump on the bandwagon and follow-the-leader, right!? Wrong! Each and every big idea is faced with skepticism, criticism, and discomfort. And those negative feelings quickly get projected back onto the person making the pitch, whom eventually becomes viewed as the tornado out to destroy peace and order in the workplace! In order to be a true visionary, you must have really thick skin. You need to take the scrutiny. Because if you eventually want to get your way, you may have to become the [pest/whiner/squeaky-wheel/a**hole]. You literally become a wrench in their day until you reach a breaking-point where they either give-in or you eventually give-up on trying to change the world. Ultimately, my job as a daydreamer is to never back down, and to remain stubborn for change, never accepting ‘no’ for an answer. It’s true that I may procrastinate sometimes, and I might fail to remember important dates and appointments… but I can promise you there is nobody more persistent than a man with a burning vision! If it weren’t for letting our minds run wild who knows where you would be, or where you would be working. Once-upon-a-time your boss/manager pushed all his chips in the middle of the table and decided to go from ‘daydreamer’ to entrepreneur. It’s a fine line between both. It takes guts to pursue your dreams. In fact, most people don’t even take the time to create their own dreams, as a result they find themselves pursuing someone else’s instead!

So, what does my job entail as a Professional Daydreamer? I come up with grand visions for our company’s future and I try to inspire those around me to see the amazing potential I see in them. I’ve been blessed with the ability to identity people’s natural skills, yet cursed that I’ll likely never possess a fraction of their raw talent! Regardless, I’m grateful to be surrounded by talented people to help bring my ideas to life… (albeit sometimes with a poke of a stick, or an extra paycheque as incentive!). So, next time you see me twiddling my thumbs, just remember that I’m working! You stick to what you do best, and I’ll stick to what I do best… Professional Daydreaming.

—Now leave me alone… I’m going for a nap.