Designed in Alberta’s Lakeland

Without hesitation, any Lakelander knows our community is unique and what pride we feel creating products not only designed in Alberta but to showcase our little NE corner.

Lakeland Love
The lakes and rivers that connect the Lakeland, for which the region was named, provide the landscape for the only backcountry canoe circuit in Alberta and the camp life that goes hand in hand with it.

An affinity for lake life is at our core, with adventureland in our backyard it‘d be hard for the lake not to be a huge part of life here. A source of inspiration and certainly nostalgia! Go have a listen to Mike Plume’s 8:30 Newfoundland if you want to beam with pride for it’s subtle but sincere nod to the Lakeland.

Community Support
We’ve seen individuals and businesses step up at any ask (even without ever being asked); whether that be supporting our local teams, schools and clubs, a family in need, or the many initiatives grounded here and striving to better our community. This sense of community sees Jr. A players return here to put down roots, neighbourhoods that allow families to grow and thrive, celebrating rich cultures and traditions… who else looks forward to perogy suppers (drooling a little), a bannock burger fundraiser (drooling a lot), Cabane à Sucre (I can hear the music), and the list could go on and on and on! A local pride I’ve seldom witnessed elsewhere resides here, from Bonnyville to Kehewin, Moose Lake to Cold Lake, Lac la Biche to St. Paul, and every hamlet, village, town, and city on the way.

2020 was a year that brought the rain, so many of our local initiatives suffered greatly alongside the businesses and individuals who were most affected by restrictions. At the turn of the new year our online store was realized with products showing our Lakeland a little love and proceeds from each item proudly donated back into those funds that have been supporting our community for years. 

LKND Collection
In much the same way that TWX has become interchangeable with “Thinkwerx” the summer of 2020 had us coining LKND representing “Lakeland” and how it fits so well with the retro “ALTA” for Alberta.

LKND Tee (Canoe Edition) – An ultra-soft essential tee with a custom Lakeland design embodying lake life at its finest. This comfy tee is finished with the softest tonal print (our favorite) on the front chest and back tag for just the right amount of decoration. This ultra-soft crewneck was designed and printed right here in Bonnyville AND the proceeds are being donated back into the community to the Moose Lake Watershed Society!

TWX // LKND Collection (Canoe Edition) - Designed in Alberta

Lakeland Collection
The Lakeland Tee – The DTG print has a photo of an infamous Lakeland sunset peeking through the typographic design on the front chest and finished with an equally soft tonal print on the back tag. This ultra-soft crewneck essential tee was designed and printed right here in Bonnyville AND the proceeds are being donated back into the community to the Moose Lake Watershed Society!

TWX // The Lakeland Tee - Designed in Alberta

The Lakeland Mug – This Campfire Mug was of course designed in Bonnyville with camplife in mind. It attaches via the carabiner handle to your backpack while hiking or outdoor kitchen for quick access. Beautifully crafted, sturdy, and rugged makes for the coolest mug at the campground this season. We all know coffee, tea, or even cider tastes better around a fire.

TWX // The Lakeland Mug - Designed in Alberta

The Lakeland Towel (Bonnyville Edition) – Another item in the Lakeland Collection just dropped! Showing Bonnyville all the love with this premo beach towel, if you’re at all familiar with our little “corner” or Alberta you’ll find the Lakeland no problem and if you’re not just look for the splash! A truly unique spot we have here, show your Bonnyville pride and snag one of these limited edition beauts designed in Alberta.

TWX // The Lakeland Towel (Bonnyville Edition) - Designed in Alberta

The very best part about purchasing the mug and towel is that proceeds are being donated to the Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society who continue to assist & has assisted more than 5800 individuals diagnosed with cancer in the local Lakeland region since 1999.

Be Kind Collection
For Pink Shirt Day (anti-bullying awareness) this past February our Be Kind Collection sales off allowed us to donate $1000 to the Tyler Chislett Memorial Fund, a local initiative promoting mental health education and support.

The Lakeland Mitten
Since 2013 we have done a new TWX mitten and this year was the first year they were available for purchase. This limited edition design showcases our region of Alberta, from the geometric spruce on the tops of the mitt to the laser etched leather palms of a mama + cub and the mirrored ursa major and minor in the sky. These will be back up on the store this fall and proceeds from all the mittens are going to the Bonnyville Health Foundation.

Designed in Alberta
I know I love seeing those little tags on purchases, Printed in Bonnyville, Produced in the Lakeland, Designed in Alberta, and Made in Canada to name a few. How about you? Supporting local was engrained in me from an early age and when box stores started to pop up in the area I saw how they threatened the local small businesses. I am seriously so proud of all the amazing innovation emerging in the Lakeland, and as a result I’ve been more conscious than ever of local and actively seek out local alternatives to almost everything I purchase. Our community is held in such high regard by those who call this place home and our team here at TWX has carefully curated the products sold on our online store to speak directly to the proud Lakelander; supporting those initiatives who have suffered greatly through the past year with cancelled fundraisers and honoring the unique place that is home.

Shop Local. Support Local. Wear Local.