Frequently Asked



Have a question? We would love to help anyway we can, search our FAQ here for common solutions to your inquires! If you don’t find your answer here, please give us a shout and we will chat.

Can I supply my own blank apparel or products?

Um, How can I put this gently…… No!

‘Can you bring your own STEAKS to a restaurant and toss them on the grill?”

The chef might give you an odd glare. > Although there are screen printing & embroidery companies which specialize in ‘trade printing‘ for wholesale accounts, we are not one of them! Instead, Thinkwerx offers end-to-end product customization from custom sourcing to professional graphic design. We carefully co-ordinate all the ordering & imprinting while still offering our clients wholesale prices! ‘Trade printers‘ make you do all the work; they require you to supply “print-ready” graphics and you’ll also need to handle shipping ‘to-and-from’ your printers! THAT SUCKS! Plus it’s a huge waste of time, and time is money.

Thinkwerx handles every step of the order process. We transform your ideas into beautifully crafted items without all the headaches of sizing, freight tracking, receiving etc. Long story short; we’d be happy to supply all your products and we can source items from a huge list of top brands & manufacturers.

Do you offer logo design?


We have a variety of packages from just getting started (needing a solid foundation to build on as you grow) to a more comprehensive brand (for redesigns and expansions for typically larger companies needing a full visual identity). Our logo design starts at $500 and feel free to email for more information and custom quote based off what you are looking for!

Your logo encompasses your brand, it should speak to your clients/customers whilst reflecting the values of your company. A well designed logo should stand the test of time and through our brand research process those unique attributes of your business: your mission, capabilities, ideal clients, current reputation, will lead us where you want to take your brands visuals.


We will not rip that logo you found online and replace the name with your own… that is plagiarism and it has no place here. All our logo designs are 100% original and we won’t skirt the line of copyright infringement, so don’t ask!

Can you send me a copy of my logo?


We are happy to send along a .png or .jpg file of your logo that we have on file for no cost! This 800px image will not be a quality for reproduction but would suffice for basic usage online (website or social media spot). This also applies to completed artwork with no alterations from an existing order; for instance if you require some content for an event that you got t-shirts printed for we are happy to send along that same artwork in a .png or .jpg file for your usage. 🙂


We are happy to send along a vectorized version of your logo as well for $250. A vector file (.eps) will be emailed upon request once full payment is received. This also applies to vectorized artwork, if you would like to purchase artwork that we created for your order we are happy to sell you that as well for $250.


Can I get one t-shirt printed or embroidered?


Once upon a time we did it as a favour for a guy that knew another guy who’s brother-in-law was getting married. It’s a long story.

We’d be happy to provide you a long list of companies that offer 1-OFF Personalization, Unfortunately all of those companies are no longer in business… and there’s a reason they’re no longer around; because printing single t-shirts & hats is not profitable.


We’d love to help, except our equipment is built for speed! Our automatic press can print 800 T-Shirts per hour… once it’s setup and running the job… << and that’s the catch! Physically printing the item isn’t time consuming, it’s all the preparation time & paperwork that goes into it BEFORE production actually begins. For this reason, Thinkwerx has minimum quantities (min. values) per order. I hope you understand, it’s not you… it’s us! But, we can still be friends, right?

What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities vary based on the type of decoration method. Due to the nature of personalized & customized products a significant amount of preparation is often required to setup your artwork for production. Being that there is always an upfront time commitment to prepare things like artwork, files, product ordering & equipment setup, order MUST meet minimum quantities before proceeding to production. In the event you may need just a few additional items, it’s a good idea to order extras at the time of placing your original order, because once you’re order has completed the production process we clean-up tools used & store the artwork immediately… meaning, if you want to add ‘just a few more’ to your order… the chance are sneaking them into your existing order are slim! Re-orders have to meet the same minimum quantities.

Minimum Order Quantities

  • Screen Printing: Min. Qty 12
  • Domestic Embroidery: Min. Qty 12
  • Heat Press Film: Min. Qty 12
  • Signs, Stickers, Banners: Min. Value $100
  • Promotional Items: *Ranges per style/type/imprint methods*

HINT: Quantities are based on the same repeat design being branded on your item. For instance, as long as you’re getting 12 screen printed t-shirts with the exact same ink color and artwork then you can actually mix & match the apparel we’re printing it on. Example; 6 Black T-Shirts + 6 Red Hoodies with the same logo would still meet a minimum order of 12.


How long does it take to get my order?

Order delivery timelines vary depending on the type of products you’re ordering and the method of decoration. If you have a specific delivery date in mind we encourage you to let know us know the required ‘in hand’ date of your products. Being that some products travel a long distance to arrive at their final destination, freight and shipping delays should also be considered when considering how long it will take for your order to be completed. Due to the creative (and sometimes destructive) nature of this industry, errors may occur with logistics, printing or manufacture defects. Unfortunately, some of these issues may arise and be outside of our control. We do our very best to meet your required dates!

Typical Delivery Timelines (Estimated)

Please Note: Production begins once you have approved your artwork/proof/design.

  • Screen Printing: 9-13 Days
  • Embroidery: 10-20 Days
  • Promotional Products: **5 Days to 8+ Weeks!
  • Signs & Banners: 7-10 Days
  • Website Design: 2-4 Weeks