Logo Design or Artwork

Are you looking for a Logo Design or Artwork?

From big companies to small, we’ve been creating artwork and designing logos for businesses here in the Lakeland and across Alberta and Canada alike for over 10 years. When it comes to FAQ, one of the most common questions we ask is: Are you looking for a logo design or artwork? This topic is seen as a bit of a gray area, so let’s clear things up!

Logo Design
Our approach to logo design is VERY different than it is to artwork creation, as it should be! A logo is a key component of your brand identity, designed to work across multiple platforms, works in one colour and full colour, particular attention paid to a specific demographic, both recognizable and representative of your company.

Artwork can still represent your company in a secondary way, but is just that, artwork. It is designed for the target audience of a specific order and works within your brand. Designed to work perfect on those new laser etched patch hats OR screen printed tee OR a fresh grad hoodie design.

The Difference?
Artwork can be inspired from existing logo guidelines or a brand identity and can accompany your logo BUT it is created for a single/specific order. For example, your company is throwing a fundraising BBQ and your fundraiser artwork is front and center on your t-shirts and posters and promotional materials where your logo is secondary… think “CHILI COOK OFF” hand lettered artwork with a “Sponsored by logo”.

Logo Design Vs Artwork

Using Thinkwerx here for a second example; we have our logo and we create artwork that embodies our original and bold style, friendly voice, and as per our brand standards is paired with our logo. Our brand persona is front of mind in not only designing our own artwork but yours too! Community minded, adventurous, authentic… we are ALL about supporting local and promoting the Lakeland and this can be seen through everything we design and print with the TWX name on it.

Did you know artwork is one of our FREEMIUMS? It’s true! Place an order with us and receive an original design for free! We also offer logo design services and advanced artwork can be purchased as well. Whether you are needing logo design or artwork we’ll hook you up with a great design. Let’s chat today!