Most of our staff grew up in Bonnyville or have lived in the area long-term. Some of us moved away to receive a higher education, ranging from University degrees to college diplomas, yet we all made our way to this little town in Alberta, a place I’m proud to call my hometown. It’s part of our Company Culture! Although we’ve got a small team and our overall age is between 25-30 years old, you’d be surprised at how much raw talent and sheer brilliance we manage to contain in one building. Try this on for size; a Bachelor of Commerce with a double Major in Finance & Accounting, a Computer Programming & Information Systems Diploma, a University Degree in Software Engineering, a Business Administration Diploma, a Journeyman Plumber & Ticketed Gas-Fitter, a Certified Nutritionist, a PG in Information Security Management, an Animal Science Technology Diploma, a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications…. and last but not least, a High School Drop-Out with more talent & 10+ years more experience than the rest of us, directly from the school of hard knox! (You know who you are, Brendon!)

THE Company Culture

How on earth did we manage to attract such a beautiful bunch of misfits under one roof? That’s Easy! It’s engrained in our Company Culture at Thinkwerx. As the old saying goes, “A team that plays together, stays together”… right?! Thinkwerx provides a completely unique work atmosphere unlike any other job or company. You’re free to come and go as you please, regardless of what time you showed up or went home. We truly believe in a ‘Results-Only Work Environment‘ (ROWE). We’re all in the same boat together, and as long as we’re all ROWE’ing in the same direction we’re heading somewhere together as a team. It’s easy to spot someone that ROWE’s in the other direction, and those people don’t tend to last very long in our self-driven atmosphere. Thinkwerx isn’t just a ‘fun job‘, it has become a career for many of our team members, capable of providing upward growth and skills development! A place where the best of us get a sense of fulfilment in our daily roles, a feeling that we’re accomplishing our personal goals and doing meaningful work along the way. Our culture is truly hard to explain. It just comes naturally, based on real local talent.

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