Can I get one t-shirt printed or embroidered?


Once upon a time we did it as a favour for a guy that knew another guy who’s brother-in-law was getting married. It’s a long story.

We’d be happy to provide you a long list of companies that offer 1-OFF Personalization, Unfortunately all of those companies are no longer in business… and there’s a reason they’re no longer around; because printing single t-shirts & hats is not profitable.


We’d love to help, except our equipment is built for speed! Our automatic press can print 800 T-Shirts per hour… once it’s setup and running the job… << and that’s the catch! Physically printing the item isn’t time consuming, it’s all the preparation time & paperwork that goes into it BEFORE production actually begins. For this reason, Thinkwerx has minimum quantities (min. values) per order. I hope you understand, it’s not you… it’s us! But, we can still be friends, right?