Can I supply my own blank apparel or products?

Um, How can I put this gently…… No!

‘Can you bring your own STEAKS to a restaurant and toss them on the grill?”

The chef might give you an odd glare. > Although there are screen printing & embroidery companies which specialize in ‘trade printing‘ for wholesale accounts, we are not one of them! Instead, Thinkwerx offers end-to-end product customization from custom sourcing to professional graphic design. We carefully co-ordinate all the ordering & imprinting while still offering our clients wholesale prices! ‘Trade printers‘ make you do all the work; they require you to supply “print-ready” graphics and you’ll also need to handle shipping ‘to-and-from’ your printers! THAT SUCKS! Plus it’s a huge waste of time, and time is money.

Thinkwerx handles every step of the order process. We transform your ideas into beautifully crafted items without all the headaches of sizing, freight tracking, receiving etc. Long story short; we’d be happy to supply all your products and we can source items from a huge list of top brands & manufacturers.