• Designed in Alberta’s Lakeland

    Without hesitation, any Lakelander knows our community is unique and what pride we feel creating products not only designed in Alberta but to showcase our little NE corner.

    Lakeland Love
    The lakes and rivers that connect the Lakeland, for which the region was named, provide the landscape for the only backcountry canoe circuit in Alberta and the […]

  • Different Types of Logos

    What is a Logo Lockup? (Different Types of Logos + Where to Use Them)
    Your logo, one piece of your brand’s visual identity… and arguably a pretty key element as this will be something viewed by many representing your brand at each turn. Putting some leg work into your logo design will make sure it is […]

  • Logo Design or Artwork

    Are you looking for a Logo Design or Artwork?
    From big companies to small, we’ve been creating artwork and designing logos for businesses here in the Lakeland and across Alberta and Canada alike for over 10 years. When it comes to FAQ, one of the most common questions we ask is: Are you looking for a […]


    A Team That Plays Together, Creates Together
    We absolutely love a good challenge, so when KidSport Canada decided to host a local dodgeball tournament to raise funds for youth sports in our area, we couldn’t resist! First of all, it’s a MUST that Thinkwerx have matching t-shirts or jersey’s for any staff event and this was no exception! We […]


    Most of our staff grew up in Bonnyville or have lived in the area long-term. Some of us moved away to receive a higher education, ranging from University degrees to college diplomas, yet we all made our way to this little town in Alberta, a place we are proud to call our hometown. It’s part […]